Cultural Customs
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Thailand is a country of etiquette, known as the "Land of Smiles". Thai people are mild-mannered, pay attention to etiquette, and respect their elders. When people meet, they usually put their hands together in front of their chests to greet each other. It is customary to bow and salute when meeting members of the royal family. When seeing monks, they usually return the salute with namaste. Women are not allowed to shake hands with monks or deliver items. Thais regard the head as the most sacred part and taboo others to touch it. When the elders are seated, the juniors or inferiors must detour or bend over to pass through. Don't use your left hand to pass things or pick up items. When sitting, avoid tilting your legs, and you should not point your feet at others. When talking, avoid pointing your finger at each other. When going to the temple to burn incense, worship Buddha or visit, you must be neatly dressed and take off your shoes.